D&D Sessions – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 3 Defeat of the Cragmaw Goblins

These are the journal entries for our D&D 5th Edition campaign being played on Roll20. There are 6 PCs: Ragnar (Paladin), Eamon (Cleric), Jortran (Druid), Tec (Rogue), Malfred (Warlock), and Tristan (Barbarian).

14 Flamerule – 1490 – Year of the Star Walker’s Return

The battle in Klarg’s chamber continued as the wolves from the room below rumbled in to the room. The heroes stood fast in the doorway to hold them back, hacking at the beasts.

Malfred blasted them from afar with his eldritch magics. At the other side of the chamber Ragnar convinced one of the remaining goblins to surrender, while the other was dispatched. With the wolves dead, the PCs learned that the captured goblin’s name was Bozg. Bozg told the PCs that the dwarf, Gundren, was taken to King Grol at Cragmaw Castle, and that he would lead them there in exchange for his freedom and 1 gold piece to start a new life with his halfling girlfriend.

They searched the chamber, finding a cache of coins they distributed among the group, as well as a large collection of crates, boxes and bags of stolen goods, many of which were emblazoned with a symbol of a White shield with a blue lion rampant. They plugged up the doorway with crates and bodies in case of more goblins, and took the opportunity to have a short rest to regain some strength. After resting they decided to push on to the next section of the caves in search of Sildar Hallwinter.

The PCs took Bozg down to the wolves den and chained him to a peg in the rocks, then the party headed back up to the bridge over the stream. At the other end the passage bent around into another black chamber filled with goblins, led by Yeemik, the goblin second-in-command of the hideout. After the PCs dispatched the goblins on the floor, Yeemik stopped them by holding his scimitar to the throat of a captive Sildar Hallwinter. He offered Sildar’s life in exchange for his own, and leadership of the Cragmaw HIdeout if the PCs would go and kill Klarg for him and bring back his head. The PCs easily agreed (having already killed Klarg) and half the group went quickly to retrieve the bugbear’s head. Upon returning, a surprised Yeemik was distracted long enough for Tec to place an error directly into Yeemik’s ear, killing him instantly.

Having rescued Sildar they took a bag from Klarg’s chamber with the lion shield symbol on it and headed out of the caves. At the bottom of the stream they discovered Bozg had escaped his bonds and fled, no where to be found, no tracks remaining. The party made their way back to the road and the hidden cart, and headed out, stopping briefly along the road for a short rest, and then again at nightfall at the crossroads on the Triboar Trail to set up camp for the night, planning to continue on to Phandalin in the morning.




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