Spirits of the Dead – EAP

Spirits of the Dead Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 – 1849 Thy soul shall find itself alone ‘Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone; Not one, of all the crowd, to pry Into thine hour of secrecy. Be silent in that solitude, Which is not loneliness — for then The spirits…

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D&D 5e Adventurer’s League – Now What?

The 5th edition is now “out and about”. Most of us by now have at the very least the Starter Set, or the Basic Rules PDF. Many of us also have our proper PHB’s in hand (that’s Player’s Handbook for any of you new to these things). I have been…

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Happy Birthday, H.P.

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn! Today is, or rather would have been, the birthday of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who was born August 20th, 1890. If you aren’t familiar with who he is, and what he did, and you like Halloween… well, what have you been doing with your life?! 😉 Lovecraft…

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Reading List: Nightmare Store

“What Nightmares are in store for you?!” That’s the (lame, I admit it) tag line I would have written for the cover of this “Plot Your Own Horror Stories™ ” book I found while going through old boxes in the basement today. [TL;DR – I found an old CYOA-style book…

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The BatClock

Jack's birthday present for Daddy

Jack’s birthday present for Daddy

Jack (my 3.5 yo son) went to Costco with mommy today and brought this home for me. It is supposed to be my birthday gift, but my birthday isn’t until October. I asked if he wanted to hide it until then so he could wrap it up for me, but he decided I should just hide it myself in my bedroom.

Fragment of a poem

It seems to me it comes to pass,
Far faster than I’d like.
Nothing lasts quite long enough,
Not even blessed night.

Michael J. Schmidt

Dark Décor – July 29th, 2014

Occasionally I will post things here for you to use to decorate your computer for the Autumn season, of even if you just like things that are dark and vaguely horrific. Some of them will be originals, some derivative work, and sometimes work by others I’ve found elsewhere (with full…

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Hello, I am the October Geek

Yes, I am the October Geek. I exist in the crisp breeze of an autumn evening when you are walking down that gravel path under swaying trees of red, orange and gold. I am the smoke that curls in the air from chimneys, and the laugh of a child in…

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