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My very first publication for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
is now live on the Dungeon Master’s Guild!


It has long been my goal to publish some original material for D&D, way back when Dragon and Dungeon used to be print magazines. Finally I’ve taken my first step into the D&D publishing world (albeit a little late).

Doorways of Yyadrisil is a supplement for Dungeon Masters that presents 10 new magical doors, all purportedly created by the mysterious wizard known only as Yyadrisil (Pronounced “Eee-yad-dri-sill”). Some are fun and benign, and others are extremely dangerous. If you’re looking for an interesting new addition to your next dungeon crawl, creepy castle, or haunted house, go and download Doorways of Yyadrisil from the Dungeon Master’s Guild now!

Since it is my first publications, I’ve made it “Pay What You Want” so you can see if you like my style. If you do like it (or even if you don’t) I would truly appreciate it if you would give it a review and rating on the DM’s Guild. You can also send me feedback on Twitter (@mjsoctober) or via the DM’s Guild.

Click the images below for a preview.

Doorways of Yyadrisil Cover

Here is the introduction…


From time to time stories are told of adventurers who find strange, magical, and sometimes horrifying doorways. Over the centuries sages pieced together a narrative spanning thousands of years and miles, of hundreds of doors, each unique, incredibly old, and possibly all the work of one eccentric wizard. No one knows if it was a man or woman, humanoid or monstrous. All they have is a name found on or near more than one of these doors in a language thought long dead. That name is Yyadrisil.

In these pages you will find a selection of these doors, as recorded by the scribe Tomaz of Candlekeep. Use them to confound your players as they search through ancient ruins, or even an adventure on behalf of some wealthy patron who wishes to add one of these doors to her collection of antiquities.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more!


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