D&D Sessions – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 18 The Forge of Spells

These are the journal entries for our D&D 5th Edition campaign being played on Roll20. There are 6 PCs: Ragnar (Paladin), Eamon (Cleric), Jortran (Druid), Tec (Rogue), Malfred (Warlock), and Tristan (Barbarian).

24 Flamerule – 1490 – Year of the Star Walker’s Return

The party pushed on past the smelting room to find a large, dark cavern with a ceiling that sparkled with raw ores. Two human-sized buildings had been erected within the cavern, and it appeared a great and explosive spell battle had been fought there.

Before looking in to the buildings, the group took a quick jaunt up a small staircase they discovered to the north, and from which the booming sound that had followed them throughout the mines was loudest. Here they found one edge of what hey believed to be an incredibly vast, underground lake. The booming sound was caused by the water level quickly rising and lowering, slamming against the rocks as it went. Jortran transformed himself into a crocodile and jumped in to the water to take a look, but realized that the extent of the entire lake was beyond the scope of what the party could accomplish at this time, so they returned to the sparkling cavern.

In the first building they surprised a large, floating eye-creature they came to realize was a Spectator, tasked by a wizard with guarding the room. The Spectator was talking to itself and playing with skulls when the heroes opened the door to what appeared to be a workshop. The Spectator dropped the skulls and said “Hello”, asking them how their day was, and who had won the Dwarf-Tossing competition. Informing the Spectator that “Durn” had won, the Spectator happily exclaimed that Mormesk had lost their bet, and would owe him a “big juicy pearl”.

The party managed to trick the Spectator into believing they had been sent to take the last magic items created in the workshop so they could be delivered, but the Spectator was concerned about getting his pearl from Mormesk. To “help”, the party offered it a pearl they happened to have, and said it was from Mormesk. Pleased that it had its pearl, and that its job was done, the Spectator disappeared into a dimensional hole, leaving the party to look around the workshop.

In the center of the room they discovered a rough stone pillar, into which was embedded a strange metal contraption with a glowing green flame. The metal looked to be Adamantine, the strongest metal known in the realms. The party surmised that this must be the Forge of Spells. On one of the tables they found three magical items that had been crafted for various customers, but never delivered. A golden mace for a cleric of Lathander, a breast plate with a golden dragon for someone in the Lord’s Alliance, and a stone war hammer, crafted for a dwarven king. The heroes grabbed the items, and moved on to the next building.

Behind the next door they found a dark bed chamber with beds for four humanoids, end tables, and ancient books. In the footlocker at the end of one bed they discovered some treasure, and a box containing a meerschaum pipe. Upon touching the pipe, a dark, whispery form manifest in the middle of the room, and the air became ice-cold. In a rasping voice, the wraith introduced itself as Mormesk Sundabar, and claimed not only that the mines belonged to him, but that the undead the party had encountered were its “army”. Mormesk threatened to slay the party to make them undead as well.

What followed was a brief, but ultimately exhausting battle. Mormesk was destroyed, its black evil essence spattered across the floor, and Ragnar nearly turned into a wraith himself. With the wraith gone they took the treasure from the footlocker, discovering a set of letters from what they believed to be Mormesk’s wife and children in Everlund, as well as an ink portrait of them in happier days. The heroes opined that there may still be descendants of his family in Everlund to whom they could deliver the pipe, but Jortran declined, saying that he wanted to keep the pipe for himself.

Investigating the far end of the cavern they found another large natural chamber, but this one was filled with a carpet of green spore moss, toadstools and mushrooms of various sizes, and stalagmites and stalactites everywhere. Some of the mushrooms gave off a strange iridescence that lit the room dully. They spied across the chamber what appeared to be another Spectator, which was lazily floating towards them. Suspicious that it was somehow different, they lobbed a magic bolt at it, and upon impact it immediately exploded in a cloud of noxious gas.

As the gas cleared, they cautiously scanned the room from the doorway, and happened to notice some strange, grotesque creatures hanging from the ceiling, disguised as stalactites. They made quick work of them from a distance, but decided the room was too dangerous to pass through for now, after seeing Jortran in Crocodile form set off a cloud of poisonous gas when he stepped on the carpet of green moss. As they turned to leave, Tec was suddenly grabbed by a strong tentacle that pulled him back in to the room, and directly into the waiting jaws of a monstrous Roper! His friends quickly jumped in to help him, and after more of the group were grappled by the waving, lashing tentacles they finally managed to kill the monster.

Tired from their exploration, the party decided to barricade themselves into the room and take a long rest to recuperate and make plans for how they would remove the Forge of Spells from the mines.


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