D&D Sessions – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 12 Bugbears, and Spiders, and Drow… oh my!

These are the journal entries for our D&D 5th Edition campaign being played on Roll20. There are 6 PCs: Ragnar (Paladin), Eamon (Cleric), Jortran (Druid), Tec (Rogue), Malfred (Warlock), and Tristan (Barbarian).

20-21 Flamerule – 1490 – Year of the Star Walker’s Return

After defeating the ochre jelly, the party was joined by Tecton, who ran after them from town. They ventured off down the mine tunnels, stumbling upon a large naturally formed room occupied mostly by a wide and deep pool of water. The room was dark, save for their own lights, and still they were haunted by the rhythmic booming noise that echoed from far away in the tunnels like clockwork.

Spying something at the bottom of the pool of water, Jortran bravely dove in and swam down to investigate. There, under a water-logged cloak, lay the mouldering bones of some long-dead humanoid. On its left hand gleamed two platinum rings, and clutched in its right was some sort of wand. Jortran retrieved both and returned to the surface.

Next, up a short flight of stairs, they found another hall that split to the north and south. To the north was another staircase, and to the south, a collapsed mine tunnel. Directly before them at the crossroads was a closed door, through which they heard the sounds of guttural mumbling. Tecton locked the door with his lockpicks, but the party wanted to go in, so he unlocked it again. As the door was thrown open, out from the room flew a javelin, impaling Malfred he stood at the rear. Bugbears poured forth from the room, and a fraught battle was fought. In the end, all but one of the bugbears were dispatched. The last surrendered to Ragnar after fighting valiantly.

Ragnar questioned the bugbear, who told what he knew, and who also appeared very afraid of another door at the east end of the small barracks. When pressed on the subject he would say only that there were undead beyond. One of the group listened at the door, and could hear shuffling and weak moaning beyond. Impressed by his skill with a shield, Ragnar allowed the bugbear to leave with some of its coin, however on its way out it met Tristan coming along the tunnels. Accepting the bugbear’s story that Ragnar had spared its life, Tristan let it leave, but not before robbing it first of half its coins.

The party decided to forego the mysterious door, and after healing up the returned to the hall and went north. At the top of the stairs they found another fork, to the right a large cavern where they could hear digging, and to the left, darkness. They chose to venture right, and in a large cavern they found more bugbears that had been hard at work digging down in a depression before being alerted to the oncoming party by their light. From the north appeared a drow elf clad in magician’s robes and carrying a black staff with a spider carved at the top. He was accompanied by two giant spiders. Two more giant spiders appeared in the hall from which the party had come.

“I’m glad to finally meet you,” said the elf “I hope we might be able to help each other investigate these mines”.

Rather than parlay, however, the party attacked. In the pitched battle Tristan slew the drow elf almost immediately, and one of the Giant spiders fell before an onslaught of steel. The other spiders were held at bay in the hall by Eamon’s windy magic while the bugbears in the crevasse below threw javelins at those they could see above. Tec quickly hunted them down with his arrows, but two of them managed to escape along a flooded river tunnel at the north end of the chasm.

As the drow fell to the attack and breathed his last, his body seemed to ripple and change before them, and suddenly he was no longer a drow elf, but some strange grey-skinned humanoid creature with no mouth, and glassy eyes. Ragnar believed it to be something called a Doppleganger, which can take any form, but wasn’t sure. Here the party rested only briefly and took in their surroundings.



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