D&D Sessions – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 4 Phandalin

These are the journal entries for our D&D 5th Edition campaign being played on Roll20. There are 6 PCs: Ragnar (Paladin), Eamon (Cleric), Jortran (Druid), Tec (Rogue), Malfred (Warlock), and Tristan (Barbarian).

15 Flamerule – 1490 – Year of the Star Walker’s Return
The morning after their uneventful long rest, the party with Sildar completed their journey to the small town of Phandalin, delivering the cart of provisions to Elmar Barthen, and collecting their pay. Barthen was very upset to hear about his friend Gundren, and practically begged the party to find Gundren, for the good of the town.

Sildar took a room at the Stonehill Inn, and then left the group to visit the Townmaster’s Hall. The party also arranged for rooms at the inn, and enjoyed a hearty breakfast while speaking with some of the patrons. Tristan managed to offend everyone, including a farmer with a pet pig, a very large and burly miner, and the proprietress, before stealing a plate of food and leaving the inn. While it looked for a moment like the entire party would be ejected, Malfred managed to convince the owners that they were not entirely affiliated with Tristan or his behavior, and paid to replace the stolen dish. During their conversation at the inn, they heard mention of a group of ruffians, called The Redbrands, who were causing some trouble around town.

After eating, the party decided to see if there were any halflings living in town, wondering if perhaps they might be able to find the female halfling that Bozg the goblin claimed was his girlfriend, with the hope being a lead to Cragmaw Castle. They found out that there was indeed a halfling woman named Quelline Alderleaf with a farm at the edge of town. They then met an elf named Sister Garaele who was tending to a small stone shrine, and who appeared to have been in a battle recently. She gave the party directions to find Quelline, and mentioned that she was a member of a faction called The Harpers, and asked if the party might be able to help her with something. They declined for the time being and headed to the Alderleaf farm.

At the Alderleaf farm they found Quelline and her son Carp tending the field. She was a pleasant woman who was happy to speak to the party. She said she didn’t know any goblins personally, but that they, and some orcs, raided the town from time to time, and that she’d killed one once. She also mentioned the Redbrands, and Carp said he thought they had a secret hideout under the old Tresendar Manor house. Quelline suggested that her old friend Reidoth the Druid would probably know how to get to Cragmaw Castle, and that Reidoth had left two weeks prior to visit the long abandoned town of Thundertree, where it was thought a dragon had taken up residence. Before the PCs left, she gave them the dinged-up, dirty short sword she’d taken from the goblin she’d killed. Malfred noticed on the base of the blade there was a symbol that looked like the Shield and Lion that was on the supplies they’d seen in the goblin caves.

Heading back towards the center of town then discovered a large shop with a sign bearing the shield and lion symbol, called The Lionshield Coster, where it appeared weapons and armour were sold. There they met Lineane Greywind, a human who manages the shop. They told her about the supplies they’d seen in the caves, and she offered to pay them a reward if they could return them to her. She also cautioned the PCs to stay away from the Redbrands. The PCs devised a plan to get the supplies, and hopefully find a way to Cragmaw castle. It was decided they would borrow a cart filled with empty crates from Lineane and pose as traders taking supplies back up the Triboar Trail towards where they’d been ambushed previously, hoping to find more goblins.

Meanwhile, Tristan left to investigate the grounds of Tresendar Manor, which was now more of an old shell of a crumbling house than manor. He discovered the tracks of many people coming and going, he remains of an old cook fire, and out back, a set of worn stairs leading down to a stone door. Listening at the door he thought he could hear something, but he wasn’t sure what. He decided it would be best to rejoin the group and come back later.

Before leaving town the party also decided to stop in at the Townmaster’s Hall to see Sildar, who was setting himself up to work there. Out side on the door they found a poster asking for adventurers to take out the orc tribe near Wyvern Tor that was hassling the town and environs. They took the poster with them and went inside, where they discovered Sildar arguing with a fat, sly older man named Harbin Wester, the current Town Master. They asked Harbin about the Redbrands, and he laughed it off, suggesting they were just a group of mercenaries who were having a bit of fun, and not much of a bother really. He insisted they would move along soon.

Sildar asked the PCs to continue their mission to find Gundren and bring him back safely, and after paying them 50gp as a thanks for rescuing him, he offered 500gp to the group if they could bring back Gundren. He claimed that to him, the Lord’s Alliance, and Phandalin, it was incredibly important that Gundren, and his map to Wave Echo Cave, be found. Sildar explained that he could not come with them, as he was here also to find another Lord’s Alliance agent named Iarno Albrek, who had come to Phandalin a couple of months before, and had not been heard from since.

The PCs agreed to bring back Gundren, and left town with their decoy cart. When they reached the spot of the previous ambush night was starting to fall. They set up camp and pretended to sleep while some kept watch. In the middle of the night they spied goblins approaching in the dark from the goblin path that led to Cragmaw Cave, and they jumped up to attack the surprised goblins. In the end, they captured two of the goblins, and killed three. Now they have captive goblins to question, but first, they need to survive the rest of the night!

To Be Continued…

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