D&D Sessions – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 2 Cragmaw Hideout

cragmawcaveThese are the journal entries for our D&D 5th Edition campaign being played on Roll20. There are 6 PCs: Ragnar (Paladin), Eamon (Cleric), Jortran (Druid), Tec (Rogue), Malfred (Warlock), and Tristan (Barbarian).

14 Flamerule, 1490 DR “Year of the Star Walker’s Return”

It was decided to stash the cart in the trees and head up the goblin path to find their hideout and rescue Gundren and Sildar. Along the way they discovered some goblin traps; a snare that hoisted the paladin Maltan-Ragnar into the air, and a pit trap that Maltan-Ragnar almost fell in to. Eventually they found the cave where the Cragmaw goblins were stationed. A small stream flowed out of the darkness of the cave, and from a nearby thicket more goblins attacked. The heroes plunged into the foliage and quickly dispatched the two goblin sentries.

Making their way into the cave, the party discovered a small room with vicious wolves chained to stalagmites. Though at first the wolves reacted with malice to the intruders, the druid, Jortran, was able to calm them so the party could continue. The stream flowed down along a rocky passage that crept up into the darkness. Moving forward the party spied a bridge passing over the stream at a higher level. A goblin on the bridge had seen their light coming up the tunnel, and upon seeing them yelled in goblin before throwing a javelin that impaled the rogue, Tecton. Tecton got his revenge, however, felling the goblin (literally) from the bridge with a well placed arrow.

Climbing up the passage they heard the sound of stone hammering on stone, and rushed in to another chamber to discover two goblins feverishly banging away at a small wall of stones that was holding back a pond of dammed up stream water. The PCs at the head of the party rushed in and dispatched the two goblins, but not before they managed to knock down the first of two dams, sending a torrent of water down the tunnel, sweeping the half-elf warlock, Malfred, down the rocky stream to the cave entrance.

Beyond that chamber the group discovered the hobgoblin leader of the band, Klarg, his pet wolf, Ripper, and some of his goblin lackeys. A pitched battle ensued, during which the cleric, Eamon, fell to the jaws of the wolf and lay unconscious and dying, until Jortran was able to stabilize him. With the power of the raging barbarian Tristan, eventually the tide of battle turned, and Klarg, his wolf, and a goblin lackey were defeated. Two goblins remained, however, stationed behind a pile of crates and boxes, pelting the heroes with arrows. That, however, was not the least of the concerns facing the party, for from the chambers below they could hear the wolves previously calmed by Jortran had been incited again by Malfred as he rushed passed them to return to the side of his friends after the flood. Those wolves had pulled free from their chains and were even then rushing up the passage, snarling and snapping, to set upon the party.


NPCs met:

  • Klarg – Hobgoblin leader of Cragmaw Hideout


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