Spirits of the Dead – EAP


Spirits of the Dead

Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 – 1849

Thy soul shall find itself alone
‘Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone;
Not one, of all the crowd, to pry
Into thine hour of secrecy.

Be silent in that solitude,
Which is not loneliness — for then
The spirits of the dead, who stood
In life before thee, are again
In death around thee, and their will
Shall overshadow thee; be still.

The night, though clear, shall frown,
And the stars shall not look down
From their high thrones in the Heaven
With light like hope to mortals given,
But their red orbs, without beam,
To thy weariness shall seem
As a burning and a fever
Which would cling to thee for ever.

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish,
Now are visions ne’er to vanish;
From thy spirit shall they pass
No more, like dew-drop from the grass.

The breeze, the breath of God, is still,
And the mist upon the hill
Shadowy, shadowy, yet unbroken,
Is a symbol and a token.
How it hangs upon the trees,
A mystery of mysteries!

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D&D 5e Adventurer’s League – Now What?

dnd_products_dndacc_playershandbook_pic3_enThe 5th edition is now “out and about”. Most of us by now have at the very least the Starter Set, or the Basic Rules PDF. Many of us also have our proper PHB’s in hand (that’s Player’s Handbook for any of you new to these things). I have been very excited by this new edition, taking part in some of the playtesting, and pre-ordering all my books the moment they went up on Amazon. (For a little background, I’ve been playing D&D, and other RPGs, for about 28 years now. I’ve played every edition, but chose not to buy the 4th edition books. Just wasn’t my idea of D&D).

I went to FanExpo Canada specifically to jump in to Adventurer’s League play from the beginning, but things are not what they seem, and I was a bit let down in the end.

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